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We are In Motion

28 years implementing core insurance systems in more than 20 countries and together with our R&D team, we are your ally in digital transformation for the insurance industry.

We are In Motion, a company dedicated to technology for more than 28 years, focused on digital transformation, insurance, and the cloud. With more than 250 professionals, we have implemented core insurance systems in more than 60 clients distributed in more than 20 countries.

With offices in the leading markets of Latin America, including Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Costa Rica, we are in tune with your language and understand the specific demands of your sector. Technology and insurance are our passion, and Policysense continues our long history of innovative solutions for the industry.

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Our other insurance solutions

VisualTIME is a world-class insurance core, noted for its functional richness and its proven adaptation to the needs of more than 15 countries. Gathering the best practices of the insurance sector in Europe and Latin America, VisualTIME provides efficient management of any line of business, consolidating its position as a leader in the industry. It is natively integrated into Policysense.

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Mobile application for extended device warranty, with capabilities for automated damage detection and remote execution of actions.

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Smart 360 omnichannel service and attention desk for customer satisfaction and experience.

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