Policysense Distribution

Policysense Distribution

The solution

Policysense Distribution is a tool for the effective management of any type of distribution channel. It offers functionalities for the administration of agents, brokers, affinity channels, and bancassurance, providing greater flexibility in the distribution strategy. Policysense Distribution can help you improve the satisfaction of your distribution channels, scale your channel strategy, lower your costs, and reduce your compliance risks.

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Marketing digital

Manage any type of channel

Administration of economic agreements

Set up economic agreements with your channels, including commissions, stipends, compensation, and loans.

Distribution network management

Set up and manage your company’s distribution networks for any type of channel, including hierarchies.


Automatically ensure that your channels are complying with all required laws and regulations.

Goal tracking

Set and track the goals and bonuses of your channels.

Agent levels and onboarding

Configure different conditions, including commissions, according to the career plan for your agents.


Self-service portal for all the needs of your intermediaries.


Relying on the Kernel, various processes allow you to define required approvals.

Performance measurement

Track the performance of all your channels, both traditional and digital, from one place.

Comission payment

Automate the payment of commissions to your channels, including settlement functionality and receipt of electronic invoices. It includes commission recovery functionality.



Policysense Distribution, provides you with a flexible and advanced compensation solution for your distribution channels. With Policysense Distribution, you can set up different types of compensation, including commissions, bonuses, stipends, and loans, to support your business goals. Plus, with the ability to set bonuses based on the KPIs that are important to you, you’ll be able to effectively motivate and compensate your channels.

Policysense Distribution also allows the configuration of distribution networks, including the configuration of commission distribution, the commission of each node in the network, and many more options. With the ability to handle flat and hierarchical networks, with unlimited hierarchy levels, Policysense Distribution fits perfectly into any channel structure you have.

And for those who want to use a point-based approach, Policysense Distribution also allows distribution based on points instead of monetary amounts. With Policysense Distribution, you will have a complete and efficient solution to manage and compensate your distribution channels.


Automate compliance verification of your channels. Control what your channels can or cannot do in the event of failing to comply with their current license, training, insurance, and active financial agreement. In addition, it simplifies the approval process for related vouchers. Reduce your risks and protect your business with Policysense Distribution.

Agent experience

Maximize the satisfaction of your agents by increasing their loyalty and fidelity. Offer them an efficient and intuitive digital experience that optimizes their interactions. With flexibility in configuring different levels of agents, support them in their professional growth. Provide the necessary information at the right time, without increasing the workload for your company.

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