Insurance Sales and Marketing

Policysense integrates traditional and digital insurance sales and marketing channels in a very simple way.

Sell ​​through any type of channel

Policysense optimizes the sales process and experience for any type of channel and is designed from the ground up specifically for insurance. Supported channel types include brokers, agents, affinity channels, third-party platforms via APIs, and web self-service sales.

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Sales and Marketing

Increase the productivity and satisfaction of your traditional channels by giving them digital capacities. Help them quote easily and meet their needs in a self-service way. Improve the teamwork of your internal sales force and improve the attention of all your channels. Decreases the time to close deals, including underwriting.

With Policysense you can have completely digital sales flows, either through direct online sales or through integrations to third-party platforms, marketplaces and digital agencies. In the first case, you will have an intuitive, attractive and responsive user interface that covers the entire sales cycle. In the second case, you will have the powerful integration capabilities of Policysense.

You can count on a complete and centralized vision of your customers and prospects, to improve customer service and increase the chances of cross-selling.

Give your customers and agents an experience that features fast and easy processes, intuitive self-service, and world-class support.

Manage your digital and traditional campaigns from the same tool, offering a complete vision of the performance of your company's commercial efforts.

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