Advanced sales solution for insurers

Policysense Sales

It is the ideal solution to sell through brokers, agents, self-service, APIs, third-party solutions, affinity channels and internal sales force.


The solution

Policysense Sales is an advanced sales solution for insurers that combines traditional techniques with state-of-the-art digital capabilities. It offers the option to sell directly to the consumer or to improve the efficiency of your traditional channels through digital capabilities, or it can even be used to implement a combined strategy. In the same way, you can sell through third-party platforms that consume your APls layer.

The solution can be used to sell both individual and group policies, for general, life and health insurance products. Manages the entire sales process, including requests, quotes, delivery of requirements, and the issuance of the policy at the end of the process. It can be used for opportunity and prospect management.

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Key functionality

Monitoring of marketing campaigns

With Policysense you can track campaigns. In addition, it allows defining special discounts or generating different incentives for the distribution channels involved.

Benefits you can get
when using Policysense Sales

You will be able to increase your new business and cross-sell to your current portfolio.

You will be able to sell through any channel, including agents, brokers and affinity channels.

You can give digital capabilities to your traditional channels.

You will have the possibility of completely digital self-service sales.

You can sell through third-party platforms.

It will increase the efficiency of your processes by being transformed into digital processes.

It will increase the productivity of your traditional distribution channels.

You will save on operating expenses.

The 360 ​​view of your customers and prospects will help you improve customer satisfaction with every interaction.

You will have a faster time to market for new products.

Thanks to advanced underwriting capabilities, you can make sure you buy the right risks.

More Selling Tools

It's not just about tracking leads, but empowering the user to convert offers. That is why we have a variety of tools that can be useful to improve sales efficiency:

  • Requests and quotes. The user can send them at will to the prospect.
  • Configuration and group loading. An advanced user can tailor the product to fit customer requirements and can upload group data.
  • Illustrations and wealth management. Very useful for Life insurance.
  • Premium calculator. Allows you to perform simple or complex premium calculations with minimal input data.
  • Discounts. It is possible to handle special discounts when the opportunity justifies it.

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