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With Policysense, you will be able to adopt the best service practices, to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and differentiate yourself in the insurance sector.

Add self-service capabilities in customer, agent and supplier care

With Policysense you can improve the experience (UX, CX, AX) through self-service portals and a native app from where you can manage the needs associated with policies and claims. Generation Z and millennials prefer this type of interaction instead of telephone or face-to-face attention.

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Policysense has tools such as the secure message center and chat which are designed to improve communication with clients and external suppliers. The secure message center includes the ability to define service accounts for different subjects and users, which makes it much easier for a customer or provider to request any specific service request they need. In the same way, the chat capabilities can be used to provide immediate help, and include the option of video calls.

Efficient collaboration is key to improving care. Policysense offers extensive functionality aimed at improving the teamwork of the employees of an insurer, including: The tasks and workflows module, the integration with Slack and Teams, the employee directory, the user profile, the history of actions and several components that allow you to leave notes to other collaborators.

The speed and accuracy of claims processing is a key element in customer perception of the after-sales service offered by an insurer. Thanks to its digital approach, Policysense can help you process claims more quickly without losing precision in their analysis.

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