Digital insurance strategy

The easy configuration of Policysense and its adaptability to different requirements, allows a rapid response to the market with new digital insurance products.

Speed ​​of response to the market

Policysense enhances the design of business strategies, improving the time to market in market launches of new insurance products due to its ease of configuration and adaptation.

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Being a SaaS suite, there is no need to invest in your own infrastructure or licenses. In the same way, it is not necessary to have your own administrators monitoring the suite, especially since we offer a 24×7 monitoring service. Being a cloud-native solution, you have the ability to use less or more infrastructure based on demand, eliminating infrastructure waste. All of this translates to lower TCO and has a positive impact on ROI.

Trying to increase sales often means growing in number and types of channels – this increases the complexity and costs of managing distribution, and it can even increase compliance risks and decrease the support of existing channels. Without the right tools, it becomes a classic situation that follows the law of diminishing returns. Policysense manages and simplifies all these aspects of channel strategy by relying on automated digital processes. In the same way, it is expressly designed to improve the attention of a large number of channels.

Often key projects require integrations to other insurtech solutions, ecosystems, and marketplaces. These projects sometimes even involve extensions to existing software. Typically with legacy policy administration systems, this becomes a herculean, sometimes blocking effort. Thanks to the integration capabilities included in Policysense, through APIs and events, and thanks to the fact that the suite is based on low-code, all these issues are significantly simplified – making Policysense a great help for these types of projects.

The entire suite is geared towards increasing the productivity of the entire value chain through digital processes and through self-service. This includes channels, employees, and service providers.

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