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100% digital, cloud native,
modular, and low-code oriented to microservices

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Responding to an insurance industry
that requires speed, autonomy and connectivity
throughout the value chain.


Insurance and Insurtech industry leaders are challenging and innovating insurance operating models with the design of new products, opening to new channels, services with full and omnichannel connectivity, blurring the boundaries between traditional roles in the value chain.

Speed, autonomy, and connectivity are necessary to respond to the changes brought by these new and disruptive industry models. Companies must evolve and scale their entire value chain with new business strategies aimed at increasing sales, reducing costs, and minimizing risks. They must do so by managing processes with efficiency and covering the end-to-end customer experience.

An advanced “out-of-the-box”
digital platform for innovative

Cloud Native

Based on microservices and events, for automated horizontal scaling with operational continuity and high security. Infrastructure as Code (IaC).


Continuous and automatic deployment with automated tests, use of containers, and agile methodology.


Developed on MENDIX low-code to provide autonomy, speed, flexibility, quality, and security.


Open API (REST) exposed through API gateways, Kafka asynchronous events, and webhooks. Oriented to Ecosystems and marketplaces.


SaaS licensing with shorter and more continuous projects. Lower TCO, greater autonomy to suit you, and faster ROI.

Deep Functionality

With the knowledge and experience of creating solutions for the insurance industry, its products, processes, and practices in more than 20 countries.

User Experience

Self-service portals, responsive, native apps, and frictionless for delightful CX


Because of its microservices architecture, specific components can be acquired to provide flexibility for those specific functionalities.

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Modular solutions that enable and accelerate the digital transformation of the critical processes of an insurer, providing increased sales, improving operational efficiency, and supporting risk reduction.

The Suite

Policysense Sales

It is an advanced sales solution for insurers that combines traditional techniques with state-of-the-art digital capabilities.

Learn About Sales
The Suite

Policysense Distribution

Designed to enable and scale distribution strategies, both for traditional and digital channels, with tools that improve the experience of intermediaries.

learn About Distribution
The Suite

Policysense Kernel

It provides common services for the entire suite. The Kernel is included in all Policysense license subscriptions.

learn About Kernel
The Suite

Policysense Reinsurance

Easily control and manage your risk distribution strategies.

more About Policysense
The Suite

Policysense Policies Administration (PAS)

Manage the entire policy life cycle with a focus on ease of use, interconnection, and efficiency. It accepts both individual and group policies, with the self-service option included.

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The Suite

Policysense Claims

Manage the entire claims process efficiently, including the self-service option.

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The Suite

Premium Collections

Efficient and convenient automation for all your premium collection needs.

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Supported Lines of Business
in Policysense


Successfully manage any individual or collective traditional or non-traditional Life product, as well as Unit Linked and Income, with high configuration flexibility, reducing time-to-market. This will allow you to automate underwriting, eliminating the friction of policy service and claims processing, while providing prevention mechanisms.

Property & Casualty

Innovate in the offer of products and plans adapted to the needs of your clients in P&C Insurance, with the use of digital platforms with high connectivity. It evolves rapidly in highly competitive markets where cost, value services, and the digital customer experience are critical to building loyalty.


It offers lower cost agreements and higher quality in health services and care, thanks to the memorable digital experience that we provide and that makes possible optimal interaction between customers and distribution channels or services.

Our Value Proposition
Increase your Sales
  • With advanced digital capabilities for insurance.
  • Accessing new ecosystems and marketplaces.
  • Timely launching new products.
  • Assisted by our experts who understand and speak your language.
Reduce your Costs
  • Increasing the productivity of sales channels and digital tracking of leads.
  • With monthly payments for use and without the need for CAPEX.
  • No need for IT infrastructure.
  • Optimizing your critical processes and according to your priorities.

Minimize Risks

  • Gradual and rapid implementation functional modules with various SLA options without painful implementations.
  • Adding to your current Core only those functionalities with the greatest impact.
  • Backed by the reliability and strong experience of In Motion on the Insurance business.

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